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Re: RE: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

> Yes, I understand that. At the sub-atomic level apparently there's
"no there, there". I was making a case against mystical, unfounded,
beliefs about music which are based on little more 
than "feelings". For example, just because I "feel" that the world is
round, it does not make it true. Feeling are no substitute for the
validity of the senses.

Strange that music is such a "feeling" idiom... I'm surprised you're
doing it! Pretty subjective...

>> Musically speaking, very few of us would be venturing too far out
on any limbs if we all subscribed to such conservative nay-saying.

> The range of musical expression I am interested in runs the gamut
from Bulgarian Radio Choirs, the throat-singers of Tuva Tuva, John
Cage, Cowell, Eno, et al, to the Beatles, Alvin Lucier, the Sex
Pistols, Sonic Youth, NegativeLand, Soviet France, etc...just to name
a few. But if any one of these artists attempts to prop up what they
do with wrong-headed platitudes and BS, it would be intellectually
dishonest for me to simply ignore it.

I'm not talking about your "musical" open mindedness... I'm referring
to your lack of tolerance for other people's ideas. You might be a
musical compendium, but your willingness to kindly let others discuss
their honest ideas and beliefs without trying to negate them could use
some work...

> Are people so brainwashed by "political correctness" and
"sensitivity" that they're afraid of having strong opinions?

If your opinions were more kindly and less confrontive and imposing I
might be more willing to listen to them... Why do you want us to
believe in your ideas so damn much?