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Re: Sound Forge mystery

In a message dated 3/9/00 12:56:18 AM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< Can anybody give me advice why the sound coming out of Sound Forge via 
analog outputs sounds good, while the sound routed through S/PDIF, as well 
going into my cd burner, is mildly distorted and contains soft (but 
clicking?  Does it have something to do with sampling rate?  I recorded 
sound into SF through S/PDIF with both machines at 44.1 kHz.  And now, 
when I 
try to take it out again, there is this clicking even if I turn the 
recorder on 48 kHz, while the analog is still fine, without any clicking 
 The SF manual talks about the clicking in terms of data access (during 
playing or recording), but why I would not hear it from analog outputs too?
 Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
have you tried shutting down all forge "windows" (for that matter Forge 
itself, then running the tune as a mixed Wav. ???
that fixed the prob fer me.

Carl Snow
Moss Hill REC>