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Re: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

> Don't you think that is often the case with all
> musicians? I often play bass in a band situation, and
> often find myself overplaying, when the most simple,
> basic, "easy" bass line sounds best. It's hard to step
> out of your musician mind set, and truly listen as a
> non-musician would - but it's often very enlightening
> when you do.
> If you have to explain your "art" (musical,visual,etc)
> maybe it isn't fulfilling its intended aim, and you
> should focus on making it better, instead of just
> explaining it.

You hit the nail on the head! Thanks.

- Larry (having trouble articulating today)

> I have noticed (IMHO) that the achilles heel of
> > loopers is that sometimes we
> > make a big deal out of the mechanics, technology,
> > and process of making
> > loop based or drone music.  The audience, however,
> > often doesn't care HOW
> > we made the music, or our philosophy behind it. 
> > They just want some good
> > music.
> Aaron
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