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Re: Discuss Amongst Yourselves....

 I have noticed (IMHO) that the achilles heel of
> loopers is that sometimes we
> make a big deal out of the mechanics, technology,
> and process of making
> loop based or drone music.  The audience, however,
> often doesn't care HOW
> we made the music, or our philosophy behind it. 
> They just want some good
> music.

Don't you think that is often the case with all
musicians? I often play bass in a band situation, and
often find myself overplaying, when the most simple,
basic, "easy" bass line sounds best. It's hard to step
out of your musician mind set, and truly listen as a
non-musician would - but it's often very enlightening
when you do.

If you have to explain your "art" (musical,visual,etc)
maybe it isn't fulfilling its intended aim, and you
should focus on making it better, instead of just
explaining it.


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