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RE: RE: Dennis Taffee and backing tracks..drumloops...

Hi trouble haha,

oops can of worms opened..... Yes, well, ok, what I meant by that is that
the stuff I loop is just standard guitar sounds, not synthesyzer sounds or
samples triggered by midi. I have owned midi guits in the past and it takes
just as much skill to play one as a regular guitar. I'm not knockng it in
that way. But,it is triggering sounds from one note to a synthetic
orchestra. designing your own sounds is still synthesized sounds. There is
nothing wrong with that, but for me I wanted to see what I could do with
just regular *(nonmidi guitar). I don't know midi guit is a great idea, but
gosh I just played a synth the other day and the sounds you could get 
were perfect, but almost too much. Tangerine dream is like that. listen to
there old stuff awesome sounds, new cd's well yeah it's tangerine dream but
darn it synth sounds well.....the same...generic...maybe...I don't know too
perfect almost....sterile?...I don't know, midi guitar just doesn' t allows
you to trigger other sounds.Now I know you can do super cool stuff with 
synth (like steve morse for example). But it's just not for me.But I agree
my drum machine is not different than a midi guitar really. But it's not 
focus of my playing. Basically, I try to avoid synthesized , triggered 
If I can. Sometimes though I can't find a good alternative. That's all I 
saying. But I know especially now the new midi guitars are pretty dammn
accurate tracking wise and such.And now add the VG-8 is it a guitar? is it 
midi guitar? What the heck is it? both? 

Ok, thank you sir may I have another hahah...ready for your response hahaha

Denis Taaffe

How is midi guitar not acceptable ('synthetic')?