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RE: Dennis Taffee and backing tracks... PERFORMANCE VALUES...


        WELl, that is a lot too think about. Zendrum (man, that's a 
looks the same anyway or at least oginally was a syntha x no?0. Well,
anyway, he may be playing the thing, but reallyt what is he doing?
triggering samples,no? so I don't see too much difference between the two,
personally. WIth my drum machine I have for gone midi syncing adn preset
songs and I add fills on the fly (well even there I guess it changing
patterns). But I just would not want to hit every drum with my feet. I saw
Joe satriani years ago do always with you always with me live. He had this
clean guitar part on tape /sample which played in the background. Normally 
would have frowned on that, but it wasn't the focus of the song at all.the
lead guitar part was I suppose.So I didn't pay much attention to it at all,
but would miss it if were not there. That is the way I view my drum machine
when I play live (solo). Hmmm, I also love the fact that I can run the drum
machine through a delay and get some nice syncopated rythmns.I think that
playing the entire drums withyour feet would be kind of hoaky, but I'll try
it one time and see what happens. Hmmm, it could be better than tap 
moon walking, ......I'll try it and let you know. WEll, I mean I would
rather use a drum machine than strap a dammn bass drum to my back (which
then becomes a dammn novelty).hold on I have to go feed my pet monkey so he
can get ready to pass the tip cup around as well while I play.....


Denis Taaffe
So it's a good thing that you add the rythymic element to provide
that sense of tempo. It solves a problem for you... Could you do it in
a more interactive way?