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Re: Off Topic Re: Volume pedals

>> > Apologies for this off-topic question. I'm looking for a SMOOTH
>> > volume pedal for my Zendrum rig (being a drummer I've never owned
>> > one before). I purchased an Ernie Ball 6616 mono pedal that was
>> > recommended by numerous guitarists, but I've found the swell to
>> > be unsatisfactory for my purposes. The rise in volume is very
>> > slight through most of the range of motion, with an extreme rise
>> > at the very last 5% of the range. This holds true for both swell
>> > settings. Is this characteristic of all volume pedals, or is
>> > there another brand/model that anyone might recommend?

>I think you should hold on to the Ernie Ball pedal,
>and change the volume pot. It's quite easy to do,
>even for a drummer. Sorry, I didn't mean that.
>I've changed the pot, and also the string a few

i'm dealing with this issue right now as well. i'm using ernie ball 6616s
for midi expression pedals (for controlling the echoplex and various other
rack efx) and after doing some research found out what i need are linear
pots instead of audio (exponential?) pots. these evidently have a more
gradual taper to them. i've heard from many people that changing them out
yourself is very simple, but i've had very little luck actually tracking
down the pots. i've tried numerous electronics resellers and no one seems
to have a pot that matches the specs given to me by the ernie ball rep (who
btw, was very sharp and helpful).

has anyone else successfully found and installed a linear pot in a 6616? if
so, i'd like to get some advice. please email me privately as the
topicality of this thread is questionable.