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Off Topic Re: Volume pedals

> Hi,
> Apologies for this off-topic question. I'm looking for a SMOOTH 
> volume pedal for my Zendrum rig (being a drummer I've never owned 
> one before). I purchased an Ernie Ball 6616 mono pedal that was 
> recommended by numerous guitarists, but I've found the swell to 
> be unsatisfactory for my purposes. The rise in volume is very 
> slight through most of the range of motion, with an extreme rise 
> at the very last 5% of the range. This holds true for both swell 
> settings. Is this characteristic of all volume pedals, or is 
> there another brand/model that anyone might recommend?
> I'm using the pedal between my DM5 and my keyboard amp.
> Thanks for your help.
> Best regards,   Alan.
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> Alan Barnard
> Digital Drummer/Percussionist
> e-drums@pacbell.net
> http://www.kiene.com/epercussion