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RE: new mp3 loopping

At 06:47 PM 3/3/00 -0500, you wrote:
>  I haven't heard the track yet, so I can't comment on that directly. But
>Reverend Bob does bring up an interesting point.  It seems to be mixed 
>musicians- some feel a drum machine really adds to a live performance,
>others think it is distracting and superfluous. Personally, I don't
>particularly like them used live- I am more likely to bring a hand
>percussionist along on those types of gigs, or play solo and force some
>creative rearranging. Any other opinions? How about from an audience
>member's point of view?
>Dave Eichenberger- guitars/loops/devices

Hey Dave!

If I'm going to play live with a drum machine, I'd like to have somebody
manipulating it (or even just its audio output, using a mixer) live,
whether it's myself or another performer.   But that's just me. :)