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RE: Off Topic Re: Volume pedals

or for $45, the guys at ernie ball will completely refurbish your old
volume pedal...

just had 2 done.  they work like new.


At 03:32 PM 3/4/00 -0800, you wrote:
>> I think you should hold on to the Ernie Ball pedal,
>> and change the volume pot. It's quite easy to do,
>> even for a drummer. Sorry, I didn't mean that.
>> I've changed the pot, and also the string a few
>> times.
>I don't know, sounds pretty complicated to me. These things are a little
>complicated for someone whose brain is numb from too many years in front 
>a bunch of Marshall double stacks :). BTW - do you get the replacement
>strings from Ernie Ball directly?
>Thanks a bunch.
>Best regards,  Alan.
>Alan Barnard
>Digital Drummer/Percussionist

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