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Re: Question of the Week -- when do you NOT loop?

I've been discussing this same topic with some jazzer friends who have
declared that I'm the guy they need to radicalize their sound. They're
all gigging standards mostly but want to do some real stretching. 

I've played one of them some looping tapes and tried to warn him
that, for the most part, the logistics of keeping time and turning on
a dime are both very difficult maneuvers for a looper. Although with
volume control in the appropriate locations you could really back
loops in and out... Need more practice at this, and I believe I'll get
some soon! 

It's also great to just play in real time with really good players
anyway! Loop when ya can... and play it by ear the rest...

Miko Biffle                                    "Running scared from
all the usual distractions..."

>>> David Kirkdorffer <DKirkdorffer@exapps.com> 09/29 3:12 PM >>>
> Maybe an interesting question to reveal more about what we do when
we loop, would be to answer the question: 

> "When do you make a choice NOT to loop?"

> For myself, I specifically don't loop much when I'm in an ensemble
playing. I find it too hard to synchronize loops in a non midi world.
Also, it can be really hard to "change directions" with other players
once I have a 10 second loop going on. David Kirkdorffer