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good buy

hi all you out there!

well, i think i have to unsuscribe for a while (...9 months, but i'll be
back, i promise!) 'cause i leave my school to attend school. so far i'm not
shure if i'm gonna get my hands on a new email account or if i even gonna
have time to go through 20 to 50 mostly interresting mails a day.

i want to thank all of you who helped me on a lot of subjects concerning
music gear and the philosophy behind music in general and looping!

especially i want to thank Kim for giving me the chance to communicate to 
many people around the world, who have about the same thing in mind.

thanks again.

ps: my account is/ will still be active, but probably i download my mails
every 2 or 3 weeks (in the worst case!)

pps: i recived my ld vol1 cd a week ago, what a great cd! thanks to help
wanted productions & legion