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archive search busted

>    It seems that the archive is not working or that I'm doing something =
>wrong; all of my searches are coming up empty with subjects as basic as =
>"vortex" or "echoplex". What gives?=20

The list archive is fine, but the search engine part is completely screwed
up. My ISP keeps coming up with new and creative ways to screw up my
account lately, this time destroying the search index file that the search
engine uses to find things in the archive. I have to rebuild the index to
get it to search the whole archive properly again. That might be a little
while cause it takes a long time to run (the archive is huge), so I have to
make special arrangements with the sysadmins so that the indexer can run
unfetterred without being killed off by my arch nemesis, the evil Process
Monitor. A big pain in the ass is what this past week of ISP hell has
amounted to.....

the list archive is also indexed by all the major search engine sites, so
you can probably search stuff in it using altavista or whatever, if you
come up with some key word to always hit the list archive.


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