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Re: Paying for downloads (was:Re: <OFF-TOPIC>) (fwd)sn

Again. This was taken out of context of the conversation and was in direct
response to the question about live performances, not commercial cd's.

Ok, the assumption that internet delivery will replace cd's is absurd to 
Computer's haven't replaced paper (like everyone still thinks'll happen) 
never will in my opinion (I have a stack of legislative documents here on 
desk that I KNOW won't change). CD's haven't replaced LP's, maybe dwindled 
market for them, but they are far from being gone. I guess it depends on 
*type* of product you are looking for. Not everything I want or need is on 
net, and it never will be.

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Tom Ritchford wrote:

|>Gimme an mp3 that sweats and pours, in front of your face, out 
|>emotional energy that
|>equals the greatest of live performances
|apples and oranges!  CDs don't pour sweat either.
|the question is, will internet delivery eventually replace CDs?  and the
|answer is of course.
|as someone exaggerated once, "newspapers won't just be obsolete, they'll
|be illegal!" due to the consumption of resources.
|more important, will this come soon enough to affect us?  dunno, but
|spending a little time and effort on the topic can't be a bad gamble.
|       /t

                                                           James R. Pearce