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RE: Paying for downloads (was:Re: <OFF-TOPIC>) (fwd)

        I don't know.  I've always admired how bands like Pink Floyd and 
The Beatles, et al, they end up making me buy their albums all over again.
Genesis just rereleased all their albums in CD form with all the original
artwork intact, but at CD size.  How can I refuse that?  I must have
purchased "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Band on the Run" about seven times
over.  I got them original, reissues, 10th anniversary, 20th anniversary,
25th anniversary, etc., etc.  Each one is different and has some "goodie"
that was too good to pass up.  I can't imagine what the hell they'll do for
2003, the 30th!  Some DVD thing no less.
        When CDs go out of style, they'll have invented a DVD that 
contains their
whole album collection up to that point, but with all the original videos 
shorts from the period, and all possible interviews to be seen and heard,
and lots of artwork, etc.  I will not refuse that.
        What we thought of in the 70s as an "album" doesn't exist today.  
But we
buy the "enhanced" CDs.  When CDs aren't around anymore, there will sure be
some "package" with "extra" stuff that will make it impossible to ignore.
        If it was music alone, all those reissues wouldn't sell at all.  
rock, even experimental or electronic music, they all need the packaging,
the "image," the "stuff."  Without it, there sure is something missing.  
all for downloaded music, but it's not just music alone.  Like someone 
hey, in the bathroom, the extra "stuff" is sure entertaining.
        Sure, most books are a waste of paper, but some books can't be had 
other way.
        My two pence.

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  | >Gimme an mp3 that sweats and pours, in front of your face, out
  | >emotional energy that
  | >equals the greatest of live performances
  | apples and oranges!  CDs don't pour sweat either.
  | the question is, will internet delivery eventually replace CDs?  and 
  | answer is of course.
  | as someone exaggerated once, "newspapers won't just be obsolete, 
  | be illegal!" due to the consumption of resources.
  | more important, will this come soon enough to affect us?  dunno, but
  | spending a little time and effort on the topic can't be a bad gamble.
  |     /t