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Re: Boss GT-3 Processor (now effects loop?)

Wow Jeff... maybe it's in the Master button section... or worse, they 
eliminated it. From what I've read and what K. Doug Baldwin has said 
though it sounds like it shoud be in there somewhere. Keep looking. BTW: I 
have a GT-5 so I'm not the best guy to give you the detailed i/o on the 
GT-3. Anyone else?

>>> Jeff Duke <jmar@bellsouth.net> 09/24 11:35 AM >>>
Hi Miko, thanks but where is the loop button? I can't find it at all or
any reference to it in the manual.


Mike Biffle wrote:

> Hi Jeff...
> The loop is indeed probably disengaged... You need to push on the
> loop button twice to engage it, or push once then scroll to on/off and
> turn in on in the patch. You can also assign the loop on/off status to
> the control switch or expression pedal so you have control over
> whether it's in the chain or not. There are also parameters which
> control the level of the loop so scroll over and check them out.
> You'll determing which settings work best with your Space Station. If
> you turn the loop on, remember to store it so that it will be on when
> you return to that patch.
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> all the usual distractions..."
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> >>> Jeff Duke <jmar@bellsouth.net> 09/24 11:02 AM >>>
> "K. Douglas Baldwin" wrote:
> > And it has an outboard in-out point - an
> > outboard FX loop point - which can be similarly assigned to any
> point in the
> > configuration. I could rant for multiple screens on it, but I have
> a
> > deadline...
> I just got my GT-3 and even a short demo has really impressed me for
> tone from a
> pedal.
> I am trying to put my Digitech Space Station into the effects loop
> but it is not
> happening. The manual does not have much on the effects loop so
> please clue me
> in to the secret! I get no signal out to the S.S.. Its like its not
> engaged at
> all.
> tia,
> jd
> >
> >
> > Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster
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