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Re: Boss GT-3 Processor (now effects loop?)

I happen to have the manual here at work, and I can find no mention of the
loop other than the jack description on page 10.  I've never used it 


>From: Mike Biffle <mbiffle@svg.com>
>To: loopers-delight@annihilist.com, jmar@bellsouth.net
>Subject: Re: Boss GT-3 Processor (now effects loop?)
>Date: Fri, Sep 24, 1999, 2:35 PM

> Wow Jeff... maybe it's in the Master button section... or worse, they
> eliminated it. From what I've read and what K. Doug Baldwin has said 
> it sounds like it shoud be in there somewhere. Keep looking. BTW: I have 
> GT-5 so I'm not the best guy to give you the detailed i/o on the GT-3. 
>>>> Jeff Duke <jmar@bellsouth.net> 09/24 11:35 AM >>>
> Hi Miko, thanks but where is the loop button? I can't find it at all or
> any reference to it in the manual.
> jeff
> Mike Biffle wrote:
>> Hi Jeff...
>> The loop is indeed probably disengaged... You need to push on the
>> loop button twice to engage it, or push once then scroll to on/off and
>> turn in on in the patch. You can also assign the loop on/off status to
>> the control switch or expression pedal so you have control over
>> whether it's in the chain or not. There are also parameters which
>> control the level of the loop so scroll over and check them out.
>> You'll determing which settings work best with your Space Station. If
>> you turn the loop on, remember to store it so that it will be on when
>> you return to that patch.
>> Miko Biffle                                    "Running scared from
>> all the usual distractions..."
>> mbiffle@svg.com
>> >>> Jeff Duke <jmar@bellsouth.net> 09/24 11:02 AM >>>
>> "K. Douglas Baldwin" wrote:
>> > And it has an outboard in-out point - an
>> > outboard FX loop point - which can be similarly assigned to any
>> point in the
>> > configuration. I could rant for multiple screens on it, but I have
>> a
>> > deadline...
>> I just got my GT-3 and even a short demo has really impressed me for
>> tone from a
>> pedal.
>> I am trying to put my Digitech Space Station into the effects loop
>> but it is not
>> happening. The manual does not have much on the effects loop so
>> please clue me
>> in to the secret! I get no signal out to the S.S.. Its like its not
>> engaged at
>> all.
>> tia,
>> jd
>> >
>> >
>> > Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster
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