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Re : Vision DSP 4.5 & VST Pluggins

Have you got VST 2.0 protocole on Vision ?
Neon works only with it


>Deá: "Sean Witters" <seanwitters@hotmail.com>
>└ : Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Objetá: Vision DSP 4.5 & VST Pluggins
>Dateá: Ven 24 sep 1999 5:48

> I tried to install the freeware Steinberg Neon VST pluggin for use with
> Opcode Vision DSP 4.5 and it doesn't seem to want to appear in the menu,
> although on start up I believe the program recognizes it.  Has anyone got
> any experience with this?  Any other freeware VST synths out there?
> Thanks, Sean
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