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Yeah... the SWANS where a great band.  I haven't listened to them in years 
but I'm gonna go home and dig out some of their records and give'm a 
Thanks for the reminder.


Jeff McLeod wrote:
Hi, all...
    I just wanted to mention something great that I've just this month run
across. For a long, long time I've been familiar with the band Swans. But's
it's only been recently that I have picked up some of their recordings. I
had to write to the list to let anyone who's interested in incredible,
emotional, frightening music know about them. There's plenty of looping
going on--even on the earliest recordings from the beginning of the 80s. I
cannot stress to everyone how wonderful and amazing this music is. I would
also recommend any of the recent work by Swans leader Michael Gira. Two
great Swans-related recordings, just to give you a couple, are:
Soundtracks For The Blind and Michael Gira's Drainland recording. Here's a
link to the band's website, for anyone who might like to find out more
about them: