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Re: Burning Man anyone?

Well... my idea of collaboration is pretty loose Narendra! I'm willing
to loop alone as well as with an config of various individuals. You
remember Dana Scruggs? From a long ago Ramayana in Santa Clara? Well,
he's evangelical about doing something next year. He's gone a few
years in a row, so he's in the know about what it would take. I'm
meeting with him to do some playing and a little advance planning for
next years Burn! Love to have you aboard...

Sounds good about the 3204. That's a nice mixer! Let me know when
you've actually got it all in a big ass rack! 8-)

Miko Biffle                                    "Running scared from
all the usual distractions..."

>>> "David Potter" <papadave55@hotmail.com> 09/22 8:54 PM >>>
Miko I'd love to collaberate as well but school is keeping me busy
til next 
Sept..If I can help in some other way...let me know..Papa Dave
     ps looks like I scored a used mackie LM 3204, almost ready to