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Re: Burning Man anyone?

Hi Tom!

I'll put you on my list! I'm starting to think that with the number
of you guys interested. Maybe we can either find a stage with a kindly
sympathetic manager or even devote a new stage to delay looping... I'd
love to meet all of you out there! Big ass PA indeed!

Miko Biffle                                    "Running scared from
all the usual distractions..."

>>> "Tom Lambrecht" <hideo@concentric.net> 09/22 6:58 PM >>>
Miko et. Loopers:

I've been intrigued by this event for some time and even though it
like it may have lost some of it's "innocence" , I'd love to loop it
. . .

put me down for a couple of didgs, a PDS 8000, Zoom 2100 and a couple
other whacko pedals . . . maybe a battery-powered Korg keyboard

need a big-ass PA   ;)
Tom Lambrecht