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server troubles fixed


we had some server problems here at Looper's Delight over the weekend,
which got fixed just as I was leaving for a business trip up to my good
friends in Redmond. (who for once had nothing to do with the troubles ;-)

there was some residual damage to the site that I only just now got fixed:

The Looper Profiles on the web page were out of commission for a few days,
it's now back. Some profiles were lost since I had to recover from a
backup. If you added or updated a profile between 9/03/99 and 9/20/99, you
should check it to be sure it is ok. Probably it isn't, you'll have to redo
it from the profiles page:


sorry about that. If you don't know about the profiles page, now's a fine
time to go check it out.

For Digest users:

The digest was also hosed as a result of server trouble. A bunch of list
posts from the weekend never made it to the digest. You can find them in
the archives on this page:

And now you are probably receiving the digest from hell, four times bigger
than usual. All the posts since the weekend were collecting in there,
without getting sent because of a file corruption. Sorry! should be ok now
and normally sized in the future.


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