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Re: Digitech 2120 / Tap Tempo

--- PERILLE <perille@club-internet.fr> wrote:

> Could you tell me if you can change the loop tempo
> afterwards using the
> tap tempo once the loop is already recorded ?

Using the tap tempo on an existing loop would act
(for lack of a better description), a loop divider.
In other words, whatever part of the loop that occurs
between the two tap signals becomes the new loop. The
other portion of the original loop would be lost.

> And do you mean a loop can be already defined in
> terms of number of
> measures before you start recording a tapped tempo
> loop ?

Tap tempo simply resets the delay time. If you're
using a delay with the delay time set at 10 secs &
then tap the switch 8 secs apart, you will have a new
delay time of 8 secs. If you were to start with the
delay time set at 2 secs & then tapped the switch 8
secs apart, you would have a 2 sec loop multiplied
by 4.

> Thanx
> Emmanuel
You're welcome


John Tidwell

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