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Re: Burning Man anyone?

Hey Mike and others,

I'll be following with great interest. Dust/sand can definitely be an 
my pals told of significant ongoing winds this year and even sandstorms - 
yikes!  Anyway. I've been wanting to tote a simple loop rig up there the 
couple years, but alas, it's always something. This year a paying gig at 
beautiful Ford Amphitheatre in the Hollywood Hills lured me away. And of 
course, every year everybody says, "This might be the last Burning Man".  
Each year does not fail to return extended stories of great awe and 
inspiration, so we'd be chumps not to go next year...  My friends built a 
dark lounge for refuge from the sun, featuring ambient and other music 
year, so I would bet that may be part of the plan for next year.  Very 
conducive to hypnotic loopies. Meeting and planning starts around 

Staying tuned,
eric p
echo park

In a message dated 9/22/99 12:31:48 PM, mbiffle@svg.com writes:

>I'm beggining some discussions concerning the dust control. Maybe
>shrink wrap a GT-5 and leave only holes for cable jacks? Take a tiny 2
>space rack for an EDP and Vortex and maybe also a Yamaha QY-70? I've
>heard there are *plenty* of stages which were not in use a fair
>portion of the time. I'm going to post a few messages to the Burning
>Man bulletin board and see if I can make contact with any stage
>managers or owners... I found a tabla player who'd love to meet and
>jam next year. My keyboard playing friend has light show multi-media
>types who are trying to figure out how to do that there as well.