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Re: Boomerang and guitar and Ol' ELECTRO HARMONIX...

Never have used the'Rang,but anyone out there still using "the old EH 16 
delay" like I still am...?There will never be a unit as wacky AND musical
ever again-I cherish it dearly/along w/ the foot pedal of

>From: Echopark99@aol.com
>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Subject: Re: Boomerang and guitar
>Date: Mon, Sep 20, 1999, 5:32 PM

> One of the nice things about the Boomer is your dry signal passes through
> unaltered, unless you pop the THRU MUTE switch, of course.  So the Rang 
> unobtrusive to your basic sound, unlike the Jam Man or RDS, etc. which
> requires a certain "Mix" setting to feature your straight guitar signal.
> In addtition to the handy foot roller for loop output, there is a rather
> flexible single input/output pot that is quite variable, and an 
> Mic/Line/Instr. level switch. It can be easy to inadvertantly have a 
> fit situation if that pot (on the back) gets brushed in transit, but it
> allows for correct in/out balance in plenty of places in the signal 
> The Rang is great for guitar when you don't to think much about looping. 
> always have it at the ready, even during pop songs, and has I find new 
> and phrases, I can 'rang 'em without hardly thinking about it, and then
> towards the end of a tune I can loop it back and tweak to taste (1/2 spd 
> 2X, reverse, stutter, etc.
> Very much in the spirit of the old EH 16 delay...
> eric p
> echo park
> <<
>  >Curious to hear from the guitar players out there who are using the 
>  >without an FX loop.  In other words, the guitar hits the Rang before it
>  gets
>  >to the front/preamp of an amplifier.  Any problems with noise??
>  >
>  >MicahH >>