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Re: Boomerang and guitar

One of the nice things about the Boomer is your dry signal passes through 
unaltered, unless you pop the THRU MUTE switch, of course.  So the Rang is 
unobtrusive to your basic sound, unlike the Jam Man or RDS, etc. which 
requires a certain "Mix" setting to feature your straight guitar signal.

In addtition to the handy foot roller for loop output, there is a rather 
flexible single input/output pot that is quite variable, and an 
Mic/Line/Instr. level switch. It can be easy to inadvertantly have a hissy 
fit situation if that pot (on the back) gets brushed in transit, but it 
allows for correct in/out balance in plenty of places in the signal chain.

The Rang is great for guitar when you don't to think much about looping. I 
always have it at the ready, even during pop songs, and has I find new 
and phrases, I can 'rang 'em without hardly thinking about it, and then 
towards the end of a tune I can loop it back and tweak to taste (1/2 spd 
2X, reverse, stutter, etc.

Very much in the spirit of the old EH 16 delay...

eric p
echo park
 >Curious to hear from the guitar players out there who are using the Rang
 >without an FX loop.  In other words, the guitar hits the Rang before it
 >to the front/preamp of an amplifier.  Any problems with noise??
 >MicahH >>