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RE: Boomerang and guitar


        I run a line out from my power amp and the boomerang is noisy for 
if I don't keep the trim knob down below 0db (center)and set the output to
line out (because I run into an amp). I can't run the guitar into the rang
and then into my preamp because it overloads my guitar signal.SO I run my
guitar into my preamp f/x's, hushIIcx,exciter,etc.. into the poweramp for 
main cabs and use line outs into the boomerang. The output of the rang runs
into a sholts rockman chorus (to get stero signal) into an ada stereo
poweramp into 2 2x12 cabs as well.The line out works best for me anyway. 

Subject: Re: Boomerang and guitar

Uthe guitar hits the Rang before it
>to the front/preamp of an amplifier.  Any problems with noise??