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Re: Boomerang and guitar

At 03:32 AM 9/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Curious to hear from the guitar players out there who are using the Rang
>without an FX loop.  In other words, the guitar hits the Rang before it 
>to the front/preamp of an amplifier.  Any problems with noise??

I use it w/ violin & cello usually before the effects chain and have had no
problems with noise provided I set the recording gain & the loop output
volume correctly.  Seeing as a guitar pickup (electric anyways) has a
hotter output than the piezo pickups that I use on my instruments, you
should have no problems if you set the record gain appropriately for your

Lorren Stafford
Richard For Cerebellum/A Most Happy Sound

"We ask ourselves whether truly this is the beginning 
of a new world or whether perhaps the world...is about
to perish.  There are people who earnestly and seriously
fear this, where music becomes the slave of the machine..."