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Re: Digitech 2120 Loop-a-Dope (I'M NOT ALONE!!!)

John Tidwell wrote:

> The most common gripes about this unit,(in no partic-
> ular order) are:
> 1) The manual is 99% useless. (universal complaint)

Perfect -- I can't read...

> 2) No XLR outputs. (if you need'em, you need'em)

I don't "need"-need them -- maybe once Fender Vibroluxes start offering
them stock (by then, we'll all have moved to USB anyway, eh? I say,

> 3) The wah doesn't sound like a Cry Baby. (it's not
>    bad though)

I do not now, nor have I ever, hear/d a multi-fx unit convincingly
recreate a good pedal wah sound (envelope following is something else,
and lucky for us...)

> 4) It really can't nail that SRV,EVH,etc....tone.
>    (I don't give a shit)

Can't you (and/or don't you?)? Are you _not_ playing a Fender and a
Kramer simultaneouly? Seriously, the big sting on the blues and a
way-compressed tap flava aren't capable on this yhere bad boy? I wonder
-- try tweaking the amp emulators...it never occured to me to sound like
either of them...I'm shooting for that Eddie Durham sound...

> 5) The seamless patch changes are not really seamless.
>    (can't argue with this one)

They're not really abrupt, either. My main musical cohort these days
plays a half-rack Lexicon that he wishes had the smooth transition of
patches as my 2112.

> No, it doesn't reverse delay.

BUT, can cleverly emulate them with reverse reverb, which, while not the
same thing, is a, uh, different thing, and, depending on the
application, a good thing...

> No, you can't route the output of an effect back to
> a prior effect.

Yeah, true and not-so-very hype -- in fact, the fx loop on the machine
is mostly pre-fx (although not pre-lame wah!)

> No, it doesn't do delay spill-over, at least not in
> the way that I recall dpc describing it.

What is doing then to go on with the English, when they are going have
had to said "delay spill-over"? Is this a double entendre? Would you
mind terribly if I treated it as though it were one? Hey, ya mook, I got
your "delay spill-over" right here! Ha ha ha ha ha
ha...ahhhhh...heh...Care to hear my stab at "dpc"? Yes? Hello? Operator?

> I should add that I don't agree with James about
> changing the delay time. Doing this on my 2120 would
> destroy the loop in a way that is not pleasing to my
> ears.

Mindful of the foregoing, I should remind John, as with all subscribers
to this list, to avoid my performances with something approaching the
zeal of the newly converted...

> I'll shut up now.

I'm such a follower...

But, in conclusion, I'm glad to hear the 2120 carries more loop mojo
than I thought --  I'm making the upgrade ASAP. Now, can one of you spot
me three bills?

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