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Re: Digitech 2120 Loop-a-Dope (I'M NOT ALONE!!!)

--- PMimlitsch@aol.com wrote:
> How much, effects wise, in the way of signal
> processing "modules" can you put 
> in front of a 10 sec. delay module with "hold"
> capabilities?

One of the 24 effects configuration "skeletons" would
allow you to have up to four different digital effects
before the 10 sec. delay/loop. Also consider that
unlike the 2101, the wah-wah on the 2120 resides in
the analogue section before the dual distortions. It
sounds a whole lot better than the limp, digital wah
on the 2101. I've had a lot of fun with a user patch
consisting of: phase shifter > tremolo > 2 sec
delay > reverb > 10 sec delay/loop. I use midi cc to
turn individual effects on & off, alter reverb size,
alter preamp tones, etc.

You could also use a different skeleton to have a
10 sec loop feeding into a single effect. If you cut
your "big" delay requirement down to 5 sec max, you
open up even more options as more of the skeletons
become available for use.

If you're into the micro/granular looping thing you
can make this thing sing like a synthesizer.


John Tidwell

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