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our friend the electron

An element of the Kirkdorffer Directives states:

<< Place at the beginning of the chain the effect that can give the most 
when turned on, to help "push" your signal through all those little cables 
and pedals and up to your hungry amp.   >>

Which brings up an interesting point: Many of the electrons that your 
power company sells you are used, and some are even dead.  (Yet they 
you for new ones.)

Kirkdorffer has a valuable lesson for us.  Perhaps another useful idea 
be to place at the end of the signal path the component that electrons 
most.  I know for us loopers, that is usually the looping device itself.  
After all, what electron would NOT want to see him- or herself duplicated 
infinitum?  What a boost to the self-esteem of our tiny friend!

Kevin Brunkhorst