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Performance tonight (9/17/99) Phila , Pa

As Part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, the Fresh Ears, New Hearing
composers evening will include some loop based performances tonight:

"Improvisation #6" for Electronic Percussion and tape by Douglas Ovens

"Night Nurse" Sound sculpture of electronic instruments and voice loops
by David Talento (aka: Me)

"Soundscape for Flute and Tape" by Caryn Block

There will also be three other performances ranging from Cello solos to
Singer-songwriter stuff. It will not be your average academic or bar
band show. Come and check it out.

This evening is part of the 15 day Fringe Festival (www.pafringe.com)
and a second evening of the New Composers Series will include pieces by
other interesting arists with some looposity as well.

Tonight, Friday 9/17/99
8:30 PM
St Georges Methodist Church
 235 N 4th St. Phila. Pa (in Olde City)

Tickets will be available at the door or hit up the Box office for info
and a discount on multiple shows : (215) 413-1318 

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