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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #363

Hey -

Can someone give me this URL?  I'd like to check it our and see if it's the
kind of thing that might interest me.  If it's not over my head, I might be
willing to volunteer to do this.  I can even host, if Kim's running low on



>At 7:27 PM -0700 9/8/99, David Myers wrote:
>>Dpcoffin's Illustrator gear block diagram is an example of one of the
>>things I love about this endeavor.  I use Illustrator myself, but I 
>>it's overkill for those who aren't graphics professionals.
>>I think a terrific addition to the Looper's Delight site would be a
>>collection of just such diagrams; looping flowcharts are at least as
>>pertinent to loop technique as any details about loop devices themselves,
>>IMO.  What do you think, Kim?  Or whomever could set up such a thing?  
>>not quite web-invested enough to even keep my own site in motion, so I
>>don't volunteer, but if anyone wants to swap block diagrams of their
>>current loop layouts, I have my own (quite the poor cousin of DPC's--his
>>gives me heavy G.A.S.) in Illustrator, and I can save/send as GIF, JPEG, 
>>whatever.  One of the things I'll have to get around to putting at my
>>David Myers
>>><<  I am interested in the thread regarding signal path/
>>> gear setup-  >>
>>>so am i.......i think this would be most helpfull..........michael
>hey, I think this is a great idea! At the moment, I'm buried under an
>unprecedented amount of work, so I'd need a lot of help from someone to 
>it together. If somebody out there is motivated about this and is
>reasonably skilled in web page creation, would you like to take it on? All
>you need to do is organize people's setup contributions, make a few nice
>pages out of it (that are all ready to upload), and forward on to me. I'll
>put it up, and you'll gain fame and fortune with your name prominently
>displayed on Looper's Delight!
>Remember, the more people chip in, the better your loop community gets.
>Now's your chance!