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Re: Oberheim Now Distributed in US by Armadillo

Hey guys,

i am the hungarian representative of CLAVIA DMI AB, and
i am saying this because i met with the CLAVIA distributors in
Frankfurt this year on a dinner. There, i met the owner of Armadillo
(represents Clavia in the USA), and he was a nice guy. At that time,
he told me he distributes Oberheim in the states, still, he was not 
able to supply me Echolpex.(im sure he would have done that if he could)
anyway, i dont think if they're interested in the Echoplex anymore.
but let's hope the bests...


>Oberheim Now Distributed in US by
>  Armadillo
>  September 10, 1999 - Armadillo Enterprises has announced that they are
>now the new
>  distributors of the Oberheim product line in the United State. These
>products are made
>  in Italy under the parent corporation "Viscount." Viscount has 35
>full-time engineers
>  that are managing to come up with some great new products for the
>Oberheim line.
>The new products that will be out within the next 6 months are the OB12 
>the OB5.
>No mention of the you-know-what, and it isn't on the site...