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Non Loop

I have discovered a software program that is amazing- it is called Generator and it is a deep program for literally creating synth modules and chains. The absoloute best thing for me is that you can tweek your settings so that you get NO DELAY between your keyboard and computer generated sounds you hear- man, I have everything from feedbacking ring modulated moog like sickness to classic leslie-organs- and I AM LOOPING it right now as we speak- HOW NICE to play against different sounds! What an incredible thing for a MIDI GUITAR!!!! Oh my gosh! How do I make a midi guitar cheap???? Help, I am too excited!!!! It is made by Native Instruments. www.native-instruments.com
You have to see it- it is so deep- you choose or CREATE a source- ORGAN then route it to a leslie or filter or WHATEVER- actually it looks A LOT like that interface for making schematics someone posted about- I am just so happy because I am always plagued by a horrible delay when trying to use a virtual instrument in Cubase- I have an ultra cheap Midiman D-Man soundcard but this works PERFECT! It is like I just bought a moog, Juno , every thing you can think of!!!
You all really need to check this out- e-mail me off list for options-
PS I will have new loops on my website with this!!!!!!!!!