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Re: Digital Answering Machine

Butt loopers to depraved answering machines, it's all right here, folks.  I
love it.

Mark, you've reminded me of something I've been meaning to post to the 
a cool and sick effect that not everyone might have discovered.  It's the
only reason I haven't kicked my answering machine's sorry little backside
out the door.

On my box (Lucent Technologies), the obnoxious pre-recorded date/time
headless talker will do a great stutter.  (Where *do* they get these
voices?)  Anyway, here's how, according to the functions on my machine:

Crank up the volume.  Then hit the "change" button (it's the general change
program function switch).  Next hit "clock", or whatever will access
date/time settings.  The Voice comes up with the day of the week.  Keep
scrolling through the menu by hitting change/clock and you successively get
the hour and minutes.  Whenever you're within one function, i.e. minutes,
fast-tapping "skip" enables a rapid scroll to the correct number.  So 
the kicker:  IMHO, the best stutter is when the Voice is moving through the
high minutes, 20's through 50's -- timing of the "skip" tap is everything,
try different tempos.  My favorite number is zero: the dude says "oh oh oh
oh oh..." (as in twelve oh-one, twelve oh-two, etc.)  This is hilarious! (I
need to get a life, huh?)

Re the fundamental problem of sucking sound quality: how about some of you
hardware geniuses rigging your mini-disc player as a message machine?
Bottle that, retire next year.

Another chick on the list,

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> From: Mark Kata [mailto:MKata@Wintegrity.com]
> Sent: Friday, September 10, 1999 3:42 AM
> To: Loopers Delight
> Subject: Digital Answering Machine
> I recently bought a new answering machine that records messages with very
> poor sound quality.  It seems to have a noise gate that cuts off
> words that
> aren't spoken loudly enough.  Needless to say, I replaced it with a 
> model.
> Is there some way that I can use the digital recording mechanism as a
> looper in my guitar rig?
> Mark Kata