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Re: Paint Me a Picture

At 7:27 PM -0700 9/8/99, David Myers wrote:
>Dpcoffin's Illustrator gear block diagram is an example of one of the
>things I love about this endeavor.  I use Illustrator myself, but I 
>it's overkill for those who aren't graphics professionals.
>I think a terrific addition to the Looper's Delight site would be a
>collection of just such diagrams; looping flowcharts are at least as
>pertinent to loop technique as any details about loop devices themselves,
>IMO.  What do you think, Kim?  Or whomever could set up such a thing?  I'm
>not quite web-invested enough to even keep my own site in motion, so I
>don't volunteer, but if anyone wants to swap block diagrams of their
>current loop layouts, I have my own (quite the poor cousin of DPC's--his
>gives me heavy G.A.S.) in Illustrator, and I can save/send as GIF, JPEG, 
>whatever.  One of the things I'll have to get around to putting at my
>David Myers
>><<  I am interested in the thread regarding signal path/
>> gear setup-  >>
>>so am i.......i think this would be most helpfull..........michael

hey, I think this is a great idea! At the moment, I'm buried under an
unprecedented amount of work, so I'd need a lot of help from someone to get
it together. If somebody out there is motivated about this and is
reasonably skilled in web page creation, would you like to take it on? All
you need to do is organize people's setup contributions, make a few nice
pages out of it (that are all ready to upload), and forward on to me. I'll
put it up, and you'll gain fame and fortune with your name prominently
displayed on Looper's Delight!

Remember, the more people chip in, the better your loop community gets.
Now's your chance!


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