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boomerang review.

I got my new boomerang in. It's much smaller than I thought it would be.
This is not a bad thing, it's just the right size. As far as ease of use It
couldn't have been better designed. If you can't work this thing than you
probably have a tuff time opening your front door to your house. My first
impressions in the way of sound quality was not so good. The sample rate
they use is Lo-Fi. I was going to return it but after playing with it I got
to sound better. The manual which is only online said as I recall to turn
the gain up till the yellow light  only flicker a few times or something
like that. The light should have been red and across the top it should read
"If this glows red than your sound is dead." After realizing that I was 
to get a much better sound out of it. As far as my acoustic I think  one of
those acoustic preamp peddles would warm  up the sound. After playing 
with that I ran my strat through it into a fender hotrod deluxe. This combo
had no sound loss. It was a PERFECT copy. If you try this go through the
effects return. this was you can do a clean and a overdriven mix together. 
really do like this effects peddle and I recommend this to anyone. Search
the web and don't pay anymore than $450. You can easily find them than 
and as cheap as $400.

Final thoughts .....money value-B.........ease of
If you never use this thing on stage it is still worth the money just for
the practice you get playing with a background track and working out tunes
in your head.

Any word on any upgrades.............sound quality would help????????