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Re: boomerang review.

> I got my new boomerang in.. The manual which is only online said...

  Hey, we're not that cheap! We just messed up and didn't get a manual
in your box. We (intend to) include a manual with each Rang.

> Final thoughts .....money value-B.........ease of
> use-A++++++........sound..C+............
> If you never use this thing on stage it is still worth the money just for
> the practice you get playing with a background track and working out 
> in your head.

  Thanks for the honest words & feedback.

> Any word on any upgrades.............sound quality would help????????

  It's coming soon. I will scream and holler when it's ready. And yes,
the sample rate will be increased.

Mike Nelson

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"Some products make you sound better;
 the Boomerang Phrase Sampler makes you play better."