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Re: Kellar Jam Bass

Not by itself! But as a controller that doesn't require a lot of floor
space or that you take your hands off your instrument, it sure seems like
it would be useful in a looping rig. That is if it CAN do more than
root-fifth basslines, of course, which I suspect it can. By
"loop-potential", I was thinking more of whether it would be at all useful
to change device settings, trigger samples, etc. in conjunction with
existing gear, and wondered if anyone had tried this.


At 08:59 PM 9/4/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>I just stumbled upon this site: <http://www.jambass.com>
>>Has anyone on the list tried this thing out? If it works anything like 
>>supposed to, I'm seeing some loop-potential here...

>uh, how is that? It seemed like an interesting midi controller (assuming
>you play guitar and like root-fifth bass lines), but I didn't see that it
>did anything like looping at all. what's the "loop-potential" of it?