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RE: query for info

Don't know if this helps ... if you are in the New York City area
pedalman.com has one for sale, so you may be able to check it out in 
The specs look interesting on paper. Like the other Lovetone pedals, this
seems to be quite a unique product.

Lovetone still makes these and does offer a money back guarantee on it's
pedals when you order directly from them. It will just cost you the 
to check it out, which is about $20-30 US. This is their most expensive
pedal and would cost about $415 US at today's exchange rate.

There are a bunch of other tremolo pedals out there too -

Custom Audio Super Tremolo
Rocktron Surf Tremolo
Dunlap Tremolo TS-1
Fulltone Supatrem
Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
Colorsound Tremolo
Demeter Tremulator TRM-1

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anyone on the list have a lovetone wobulator? if so please contact me as 
like some information about it.