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Re: Selling Oberhiem

At 8:36 AM -0700 9/1/99, Jim Carter wrote:
>For years I have never seen a scrap of Oberhiem kit for sale
>in the UK (bar the odd S/H Matrix1000). Suddenly, as soon as
>I hear Oberhiem are defunked I find several shops carrying
>just about their entire range; keyboards, sounds mods.,
>even guitar processors (everything but an Echoplex) and some of it
>advertised as "factory direct" - what factory.
>Looking very closely at the pictures in the adverts I notice
>that the guitar processors, at least, are manufactures by
>Oberheim/Viscount. I think the later are an Italian electronics
>Anyone got an explanation??

Gibson sold the Oberheim name to Vicount. Vicount is an Italian company
that was already designing and manufacturing some of the Oberheim line,
such as the drawbar organ thing and the digital pianos. I think that they
got the rights to everything except the Echoplex.


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