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Selling Oberhiem

For years I have never seen a scrap of Oberhiem kit for sale
in the UK (bar the odd S/H Matrix1000). Suddenly, as soon as
I hear Oberhiem are defunked I find several shops carrying 
just about their entire range; keyboards, sounds mods.,
even guitar processors (everything but an Echoplex) and some of it
advertised as "factory direct" - what factory. 
Looking very closely at the pictures in the adverts I notice
that the guitar processors, at least, are manufactures by
Oberheim/Viscount. I think the later are an Italian electronics

Anyone got an explanation??

Jim Carter

Bristol BS8 1TS
Tel - 0117 9289934
FAX - 0117 9293746
e-mail jim.carter@bris.ac.uk