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Re: new song uploaded

At 2:36 PM -0700 99.8.22, Kim Flint wrote:
> At 10:05 AM -0700 8/22/99, Sunao Inami wrote:
> >>>>
> I uploaded new song by Real Audio.
> This song was live recorded my live gig in 19th Aug at Kobe.
> Please visit and listen to
> http://www.cavestudio.com/music/index.html
> I hope you enjoy my music..
> <<<<
> Nice Sunao, I enjoyed it! My girlfriend insists I must buy a cd from you.
> :-) is it possible?

Hi Kim,

Thank you for your listen :)
I think you can get my band,TIME CONTROL 1st album around the World or online CD shop(www.cdnow.com etc..)
Other CDs sell in Japan only.. :(

or I can send my promo to you.
let me know your address by Email.


Sunao Inami

E-mail webmaster@cavestudio.com
URL"CAVE Studio" http://www.cavestudio.com
tel&fax +81 794 89 5025 Hyogo,Japan

E-mail cave@osk.3web.ne.jp
tel&fax +81 794 89 5015 Hyogo,Japan

snail mail address 316 Ohshima
Miki City