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Re: what the dod dfx 98 is

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>From: Travis Hartnett <hartne.t@apple.com>
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>Date: Friday, August 20, 1999 5:04 PM
>Subject: Re: what the dod dfx 98 is
>No-one on this list owns one.

No-one's gonna own one, neither, story I'm hearing. Like someone else on 
the list, I saw
the promotional copy from some retail establishment or other on this 
sampler/delay, only to be told by Digitech that, at some point within the 
time they sent
out marketing photos of the stompbox and I asked after it, Digitech/DOD 
had halted
production on the unit. Who can divine the kernel of wisdom from this 
popped corn of
sudden reversal in commercial initiative, or, for that matter, figure out 
why they
decided to not make them? Maybe they heard about the pool and took an 
aggressive short
position. Smart. My $$ is on the DL-4 being released first, then my tax 
records -- the
people have a right to know -- then Robert Downey, Jr.

BTW, if that there DFX 94 was this ostensible unit's predecessor, then my
dead-but-for-the-dust-gathering EchoPlus was the pre-predecessor. Same
sample/short-delay/long-delay modes to choose between, same infinite 
repeat switch...my
ur-standard for audio sampling-holding-dicking-with, and a useful paradigm 
for revealing
what's wrong with today's teens and their loopers...and how, using simple 
remedies like witch hazel and sloe gin, shut-ins across the Rust Belt are 
the next Judge Judy.

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