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Re: Godflesh

Go to www.cyberealm.com/~godflesh for all the info you'll need.
Here's some quick stuff

is their first album with a "live" drummer, Brian "Brain" Mantia who's 
with the Limbomaniacs, Primus, Buckethead, Bill Laswell (who hasn't), and 
many more.
This album explores some hip-hop/funk rhythms and has a slightly more 
feel to it.
The best songs, IMHO, are Hunter, Circle of Shit, Wake, and Sterile 

     As far as Leonard Cohen influences I only know of three: 1)One their 
first album GF had a song entitled "Avalanche Master Song" while on LC's 
SoLaH he has a song entitled "Master Song" 2) On the album "Pure" the 
"your pain is no credential here/it's just a shadow of my wound" from LC's 
"Avalanche" is in the song "Mothra" and 3) The title of "Songs of Love and 
Hate" is the same as LC's.