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Re: Godflesh

Recently a fellow told me to check out their "Songs Of Love And Hate" 
since it is filled with Leonard Cohen references in a very hard metal 
and I am a big fan of Leonard Cohen.  I have not yet checked out this 
Godflesh album, but I do have designs on buying it.  Is there any more 
someone can tell me about it?
       Sam Pateson

it went:
Subj:    Godflesh
Date:   8/16/99 10:58:48 PM !!!First Boot!!!
From:   Godf852195@aol.com
Reply-to:   Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
To: loopers-delight@annihilist.com

Hello All!!

Any Godflesh fans out there?  I'm just sitting here listening to "Love and 
Hate In Dub" and thinking about Justin K Broadrick's "Final" side project. 
So, if you are a fan SPEAK UP!!