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Re: Dangers of Dixieland

I used to play the trombone . . . . .

but I let it slide   ;-}


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From: Patrick Smith <patrick@his.com>
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Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 9:59 PM
Subject: Dangers of Dixieland

>All right, flame me if you must. this is non loop related, not even gear
>related, but in case you play wiith any 'bone players beware....
>> > Jeffries/Weekly World News (January 23, 1996)
>> >   Bocholt, Germany-A band musician died of a brain injury when the
>> > trombonist behind him jerked the slide of his trombone forward and
>> > struck the trumpeter in the back of the head! Police say the tragedy
>> > occured as the Gratzfeld College band was rehearsing the spirited
>> > American jazz classic, "When the Saints Go Marching In." According to
>> > other band members, trombonist Peter Niemeyer, 19, "got carried away"
>> > with the music. He started gyrating and thrashing around as he played.
>> > At one point, he jerked forward and the rounded metal slide on his
>> > instrument hit trumpet player Dolph Mohr, 20, dropping him instantly 
>> > the floor. "Niemeyer was pumping the slide very hard," said medical
>> > examiner Dr. Max Krause. "But it wasn't just the force of the blow 
>> > killed Mohr. "The slide struck him in the worst possible place-the
>> > vulnerable spot just behind and below the left ear. "Bone fragments
>> > pierced his brain, killing him instantly." The incident has provoked a
>> > storm of controversy over whether or not American jazz should be 
>> > in German colleges. "I believe the music is to blame," said Gratzfeld
>> > band director Heinrich Sommer. "I was pressured to play that selection
>> > by school administrators. But I've always said jazz is dangerous 
>> > "Our musicians can't control themselves when they play it. They move
>> > rock back and forth, creating chaos. If I had my way, American
>> > would be outlawed in Germany. I've been directing bands for 30 years
>> > I've never heard of anyone dying while playing a German march."
>> >
>back to all this serious gear muddle....
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