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Re: Ever feel like throwing your stuff in the garbage?

I think it's the amount of information available and the ease of access to 

I'm 41 and when I was a kid it was hard to find information about what was 
You couldn't read a article in a music mag and have someone divulge the 
of how they got this sound or that. I remember listening to the early
"electronic" sounds and having to guess and invent possible explanations.

My favorite is when I heard the guitar on lagrima by phil Manzanera which 
this long prominent preverb and I was sure he must have learned the whole 
backwards and played it into the tape to get that sucking sound.

Allot of this lead to interesting inventions as I'm sure it still does but 
of time within days of a CD coming out you got the engineer breaking down 
whole process step by step in print.

And then there's the equipment itself. I spent allot of hour trying to 
process my
old farfisa to sound like Eno or Tangerine Dream and splicing real tape 
loops or
making them out of modified cassettes to have something I could perform 

Don't get me wrong I'm jealous. the only benefit I've had from my timing 
is when
this guy walked up to me at a gig and asked me how much I paid for my 
Small Stone phaser and I told him I bought it for $19.95. He said "no way!
where!" and I told him at Guitar Center then waited for a second while he 
to comprehend my luck till I added it was 1979 and they were on sale.

Remember the shitty new stuff you buy today is the "vintage" find of 

american qabalah wrote:

> Yes,  it is easier to sound like Hendrix.  It's also true, though, that 
> are some 14-year-olds out there who have more talent than many of us 
>will ever
> live to develop.  This could in part be why no one makes a worse music 
> than another musician.
> Meow!  <hissing>
> Let me break it down.  It's called jealousy, baby.
> Tossing trumpet into the Tiber,
> Timothy
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> > It's a lot easier to sound like, say, Jimi Hendrix now than it was in 
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> > > I was at a music store yesterday trying out some gear and there was 
> > > 14 year old kid playing a $600 Yamaha synth and I nearly passed out 
>he was
> > > so good.  He was making stuff up that sounded like it came off of a 
> > > vintage 1970s T. Dream or Eno album.  He eventually got tired of his
> > > little brother making horrid noise on some other synth so he took off
> > > with brother in tow, but amazing - this guy could have been a genius 
> > > he'd been heard 20 years ago.  It was still amazing as it is today.
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