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Re: Phasers on Stun

I used to have a "Super Sweep" phase shifter that, when connected normally,
was a lot like a Small Stone. However, if you unplugged the input and left
the output hooked up to an amp, it would generate the strangest "flying
saucer" sounds that could be modified with the speed and depth knobs. Not
the most useful pedal, but pretty cool once in a while...


At 10:38 AM 8/15/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Don't forget to look at other vintage phasers, too.  ....  Keep checking
the pawn shops and secondhand guitar stores for
>non-"vintage" old effects.  Sometimes you can find real gems for cheap. 
>Rather than a do-it-all phaser, you could have three or four distinctive
>phaser voices that way, since all different brands seem to have their
>own characteristic tone.